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The love of chemistry to you all xxx


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  2. Hey Ms. Ginny,

    I’m doing the lab … and I’ve heard that to get Joules into Calories you need to x4.184 and divide by 1000 or is it the other way around?


  3. That is why I asked you to do the calculations in the last ten minutes with me… now do you see ?

    You have to divide by 4.184 because 1 calorie is 4.184 joules. That converts from joules to calories, then divide again by 1000 to get it into Calories. After that you do
    (theoretical (4.6) – actual)/theoretical x 100

    to find your percent error
    I hope that helps, next time it would be wise to do the calculations with me in the lab (you cannot guarantee that I will not make mistakes when I type up the lab sheets!)

    When do you need the reference by? (did you get my email?)

  4. Ms. Ginny
    um;; can u post up some test practice reviews;;

    • Hi Grace, we will be doing test practice on Wednesday and I will give you a worksheet then. I will see if I can find some extra worksheets just because you are so keen šŸ˜‰

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