Posted by: ginnynorman | May 25, 2010

Update for the exam tomorrow…


It *might* 😉 be a good idea for you to revise how to label acid/base pairs (Bronsted Acids = hydrogen DONORS, bases = hydrogen ACCEPTORS).

It would also be good if you knew what the titration equation is (MaVa = MbVb).

Oh and how to use Avogadro’s number (1 mole = 6.02 x 10^23 atoms/molecules/particles)

And also please check out how to do orbital diagrams (the ones with the arrows in the boxes) and how to write the electron configuration etc. How many electrons fit into each orbital (hint hint).

Oh, and for all of you who took the survey, thanks 🙂 you gave me some fab, thought provoking feedback. If you haven’t taken it, please do so: I value your opinion!


  1. Hey, Ms Ginny!

    Just a word of the wise for your students this year, if you’re still using this site:

    Orbital diagrams and electron configurations suck! Learn them well!

    How is class this year?


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