Posted by: ginnynorman | March 12, 2010

A change of direction

Hello, my uber wunderbar chemists!!

I have decided that we will have a slight change in direction for the next unit. I was going to go straight on with Physical Chem Unit 3 but I think we should do some organic for a change. We will do a couple of labs, a webquest, make a poster and use the Molymods to look at the structure of carbon compounds (that’s what organic chemistry is!).

Organic chemistry is very important for those of you interested in:

AP Chemistry,




Research Chemistry,


the Petroleum industry… and much, much more!!

It should be fun, especially if you like drawing. Now might be a good time to download the free chem drawing software found in the side bar ————–>

You can then produce all sorts of cool pictures of molecules for your lab reports 🙂

See you all on Monday, have a lovely weekend and make sure you come back bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!!


  1. Organic chemistry is nice. When I was a boy I got a molymed set, it was jolly useful.

  2. Unless the Molymod set comes from India and the bonds don’t fit into the holes in the atoms… 😀

    However, I spent the money to get some from Sheffield and they are much better… by better, I mean usable!!!

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